About Us

Why Holiday Site Builder was born

Everyone knows how important the web has become for advertising and selling any product. Holiday home owners wanting to advertise their rental property directly to the public are no different.

Ever tried to set up your own website or find a developer you could trust and afford to do it for you? If you're like us, you've tried a few different tools to get the job done. OK, maybe you succeeded in setting up a website, but no matter what, something was always missing. It was also very difficult to manage when it was set up, which meant it was never up to date.

You might have wanted your site to look professional and have your own domain name. Maybe you wanted a calendar and enquiry system or a gallery for photos, video and 360 panoramas. Whatever the reason, it was missing and you didn't like it.

Another option you have probably considered or already started is to advertise on a holiday home directory. This is an excellent idea and has worked well for years. However, visitors are not browsing the directory to see your property alone. Advertising on a holiday directory should be part of your advertising arsenal, but not your sole outlet. Potential customers come to a directory to browse ALL the properties and then ask for more information about the ones they really like. If you send them a link to your own professional, beautifully designed website, then it stands to reason you have an improved chance over the owner who sends a few photos in an email or a link to a site that looks like it was designed in the 90s with a dubious domain name.

The idea for Holiday Site Builder was born from this frustration.

Version 1 was an in-house system that allowed us to design websites to advertise holiday homes effectively for our clients. We soon realized, however, that there were plenty of holiday home owners who were put off by the higher cost of bespoke websites.

After a year of further development and testing, Holiday Site Builder was released to the public. We have included everything our initial holiday home owner customers asked for and made it incredibly easy to set up your own website. This is mainly due to focussing purely on features that holiday home owners need to advertise their property and developing the whole system from the ground up with holiday homes in mind.

We have put a lot of effort into designing the websites that are produced by Holiday Site Builder, so you can be proud to give out your web address. We have also optimised the design so it is search engine friendly and incredibly easy to use for your customers.

Since then, we've continued to improve the product with new features and new styles, but always with the same simple goal in mind - to develop the best and easiest to use tool for holiday home owners.

Cool, but who's behind this thing?

Holiday Site Builder was developed by Stellus Design, a privately held London based company that started off as a web design consultancy way back in 2001. We have done work for a huge range of customers, from Mobil to up and coming musicians and of course people who wanted to advertise their holiday homes!

We're a passionate bunch, and we are now totally focused on taking the pain out of advertising your holiday home on the web.